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Doing research studies on education

Research is done on so many subjects. It is done in science, finance, arts, literature and politics. It is also done on education itself. This kind of research is very useful as it is used to evaluate a variety of matters that eventually lead to the improvement of education systems. This kind of research is also highly essential because the needs of society keep changing. The changing society means that the methods that we use to train our young generation also need to constantly undergo innovation. Research in this field looks into matters like how students learn and how they can learn better, the methods that are used to train them, the way the teachers themselves are trained, and the dynamics of a classroom environment. At different points in the evaluation of society, educationists have come to different conclusions on how students should be taught. In early times teachers focused exclusively on training a few students and the teacher-student relationship was held in great esteem. This was especially true in the case of royal families. As times changed, the emphasis was on rote learning especially in the societies of Asia. Children were made to cram as much into their heads as possible and there was a great deal of...