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Framework of Dissertation Writing

May it be a PhD thesis or a normal paper for a journal, systematic and step by step representation of a topic makes it apparent and comprehensible for the reader. It also gives a notion for you that your study has been done thoroughly. Hence, the framework of the dissertation or thesis writing plays a major role both for you and your spectators.

Some key components which are very essential for a thesis representation are- Study plan, title-description, abstract, acknowledgment, preface, Literature evaluation, methodology, answers and argument, winding up, bibliography, and appendices.

  • Study plan – Planning of the entire research paper is depicted in the study plan. It shows further planning’s for execution, how it will be done and what is aimed to be achieved?
  • Title-description – This includes the intact details about titles like heading, institution name, date, supervisor’s name and the submitter’s name and detail.
  • Abstract- It includes a synopsis of the research work like reason for choosing that particular topic, research methodology adopted, results and conclusion.
  • Acknowledgment – This is to thank those whoever has assisted you in work and findings.
  • Preface –What is to be done in each chapter and how it will be done along with a positive impression of the language and technique is described in it.
  • Literature evaluation – Critical analysis of the synopsis and language is done here.
  • Methodology – Which method is used in data collection and its analysis is described in this.
  • Answer and argument – This describes the findings and discussion upon it.
  • Winding up – Conclusion and justification of the entire study are done here.
  • Bibliography – References of the study are mentioned here to avoid any case of copying.
  • Appendices – This contains patterns of all the research methodologies, tables and data’s used in the study and their numbers.

Hence, all these points collectively make your dissertation inclusive.

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