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Our Services

The range of our services is wide, as we offer assistance at every stage of research work. The goal of our company always has been to be a place where students can get all the assistance that they need under one roof. We do not want our clients to go running from one company to the other for various services. From the start of the project to its end, you can get all the help that you need with us.

Here is a sneak peek into our bouquet of services:

  • Topic consultation: Selection of an appropriate topic is what every scholar starts his research project with. We assist our clients in selecting a topic that will be unique and will offer a wide scope for research. Since our experts have handled several academic as well as professional research projects, they have a fair idea of the topics that are likely to impress reviewers and get high scores. We provide a list of topics to choose from.
  • Dissertation Writing: We write all chapters of dissertations, including the annexure. Abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis and results, discussion and conclusion, and bibliography are the various chapters that we cover. Our writers follow a scholarly style and use academic references for research reports.
  • Data Analysis: PhD statisticians are associated with us to provide accurate assistance for data analysis. We use statistical programs like SPSS, Stata, E-views and Amos for data analysis. We also assist with data collection, preparation of tables, graphs and illustrations.
  • Dissertation Editing: Our editors are conversant with the mistakes that scholars make; hence, they are able to edit the dissertations in a focused manner. We also provide an editing report, which contains corrections and suggestions about the changes to be done.
  • Proofreading: This is the last step that every dissertation writer must undertake to ensure that the project is error free and presentable. We check the format, writing style, structure and validity of the dissertations.

Defense preparation: Defending a dissertation can be challenging, even for the brightest scholars, as the committee is much more knowledgeable and experienced. We help clients by suggesting the likely questions that the committee members may ask, and giving them tips for presenting the report in an impressive manner.

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