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Framework of Dissertation Writing

May it be a PhD thesis or a normal paper for a journal, systematic and step by step representation of a topic makes it apparent and comprehensible for the reader. It also gives a notion for you that your study has been done thoroughly. Hence, the framework of the dissertation or thesis writing plays a major role both for you and your spectators. Some key components which are very essential for a thesis representation are- Study plan, title-description, abstract, acknowledgment, preface, Literature evaluation, methodology, answers and argument, winding up, bibliography, and appendices. Study plan – Planning of the entire research paper is depicted in the study plan. It shows further planning’s for execution, how it will be done and what is aimed to be achieved? Title-description – This includes the intact details about titles like heading, institution name, date, supervisor’s name and the submitter’s name and detail. Abstract- It includes a synopsis of the research work like reason for choosing that particular topic, research methodology adopted, results and conclusion. Acknowledgment – This is to thank those whoever has assisted you in work and findings. Preface –What is to be done in each chapter and how it will be done along with a positive impression of the language and technique...