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How to use journals for writing dissertations

Referring to journals is one of the most important sources of eliciting first-string information while writing a dissertation. Your article must suit the journal’s subject matter. You can also refer to unique citations and quotes from the journal. A journal helps in knowing the style and format to be followed in the dissertation. Perhaps, you feel sidelined while reading the journal especially when it does not belong to your arena, but necessary information is present in small chunks of the article. No need to get disheartened and decipher the whole article.

A dissertation is an amalgam of factual and statistical information pertaining to a particular topic. You can either retort to primary data by interviewing the topic associated candidates or undertake secondary data by browsing Internet, newspapers or journals. Dissertation writing is the first step a student has to focus on prior to the commencement of his services in his field.

When a student writes dissertation concerning business tycoons, they usually search the information in the business journal or magazine like Forbes or fortune. A plenty journal articles are available for closely related topics. A student can refer to related journals to continue writing his dissertation.

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