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The Role of Subject Matter Expert

The word subject matter expert is heard very commonly nowadays. It is a term very frequently used in the offices of multinational companies and outsourcing units as well as academic institutions. But there are still some people who are not quite sure about what a person who has been given this title exactly does. A subject matter expert or SME is someone who displays the highest level of knowledge, skill and expertise in performing a job or role within the organization.

There are no specific educational qualifications required for somebody to become an SME. It is also not essential for him or her to have worked for a certain number of years in the organization. The only quality that the individual needs to display is that he or she has exemplary knowledge and skill in the role that outshines those of his or her peers. No matter what question they are asked about the task and no matter what function they are asked to perform, an SME is someone who can answer the question or complete the task with the greatest of ease.

Companies rely a great deal on a SME and whenever they have any doubts or problems regarding the role, they turn to the SME to solve the problem and clarify the doubts for them. There are innumerable roles in a large organization. It is impossible for the top managers and the branch heads to have complete control over each and every role in the office. Many offices are so large and they have so many people in them it is impossible for them to know who is doing what. And it is the subject matter expert who takes complete responsibility for the role and makes life easy for the company bosses.

In the field of education the term subject matter expert crops up very often. This is someone who has thorough knowledge in a field of research. They are the people that many students turn to when they are doing their dissertation or their thesis. They want help regarding a certain aspect of their project and they find that the material on the Internet or books in the library is not enough to satisfy their quest for information. That is why they look towards someone who has done plenty of research in the field of study or has worked long enough in that university department so that he can guide them correctly towards their chosen goal.

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