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Tips to Write Good Dissertations

Thesis or dissertation writing is a tough task for some people. Proper planning in advance, good research and perseverance are some of the keys to writing a successful dissertation. Here are some tips which can help you write good dissertations.

  1. First and foremost important is choosing a right topic which is as per your interest and also aims to focus on some particular problem or querying certain beliefs and arguing a past thesis, theory or a study. Though you can take ideas and suggestions from your guides and mentors about the topic, but, choosing the topic according to your interest area is the most important thing. This is because if the topic does not interest you, it will be difficult for you to give your best in writing the dissertation.
  2. Research and planning are the other two important factors while writing a dissertation. Do a thorough research on the internet and refer books in the library to find out previous researches done on the topic chosen by you. Make a list of all the referred websites and books along with their author details. This will help you compile the bibliography at the end of dissertation writing. If you are planning to conduct a survey, do the planning and think about the survey questions well in advance. After all the research work is done, set yourself a date to finish off the dissertation writing.
  3. Time Management is other area which should be worked upon while writing dissertations. Make a feasible timetable. Jot down the tasks to be done each day and mark their priorities. Do not jump on to the next task before finishing the first one. If you are more productive during night hours, keep the most complex tasks for those hours and vice-versa. Set aside time for meeting your professors and mentors during the day. Also, limit your time for accessing emails and social networking sites.
  4. Your dissertation should be written in appropriate academic style avoiding use of too much personal language such as use of “I”, “My” etc. There should be proper usage of punctuations and sentences should be crisp and clear. Including a table of references and bibliography is the most important part of a dissertation so, do not forget that. You can refer for a dissertation format on the internet and choose the right one.

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